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TST Annual lecture: Does society need scruples?

Keynote speaker is prof. dr. Tomáš Halík

gepubliceerd: dinsdag, 23 februari 2016
prof. dr. T. Halik
prof. dr. T. Halik

Does Society Need Scruples?

In our secular Western society, we enjoy freedom and welfare at a level unrivalled in history. High efficiency levels generated high income per capita but, at the same time, at tremendous cost of humanity life: eventually our sense of moral and human dignity is at stake.

Liberal welfare states have become a framework of paradoxes: extremely high personal incomes for a few, poverty and marginalization for many; per­ma­nent jobs for a few, flexible labour for many. We have been poor stewards, lea­ving future generations on earth that is too warm and depleted of resources. Are we willing to share some of our wealth with refugees who have lost everything? Churches have witnessed diminished attendance, while at the same spiritual centres flou­rish and monasteries receive more guests than ever.

A pas­to­ral message of hope is badly needed: a theological language to enable a dialogue with both secular atheists and Islam. The social teaching of the Church may guide us towards a society based on equality and solidarity.

Tomáš Halík may be best known for his book, Patience with God: The Story of Zacchaeus Continuing in Us. In it, he invites us into the gospel story of Zacchaeus to reflect on a little man on the fringe of society. Like Zacchaeus we have questions and doubts and, like him, we need to respond to Jesus’ call and climb down from our comfort zone. His message points to believers and atheists alike.

As seekers we have much in common since we both have been marginalised by a dominant secula­rism. He writes in a pas­to­ral rather than a theological tone, which explains his vast audience. Tomáš Halík is one of the most influential theologians of our time.

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