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Hervorming internationale geldstelsel

gepubliceerd: maandag, 24 oktober 2011
Hervorming internationale geldstelsel

Het Vaticaan heeft op 24 october 2011 een belangrijk document uitgevaardigd over de financiële crisis, de oorzaken en een aanzet tot her­vor­ming van de globale economie.

Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace

Towards reforming the inter­national financial and monetary systems in the context of global public authority

Vatican City, 2011


“The world situation requires the concerted effort of everyone, a thorough examination of every facet of the problem – social, economic, cultural and spiritual. The Church, which has long experience in human affairs and has no desire to be involved in the political activities of any nation, ‘seeks but one goal: to carry forward the work of Christ under the lead of the befriending Spirit. And Christ entered this world to give witness to the truth; to save, not to judge; to serve, not to be served.’”

With these words, in the prophetic and always relevant Encyclical Populorum Progressio of 1967, Paul VI outlined in a clear way “the trajectories” of the Church’s close relation with the world. These trajectories intersect in the profound value of human dignity and the quest for the common good, which make people responsible and free to act according to their highest aspirations.

The economic and financial crisis which the world is going through calls everyone, individuals and peoples, to examine in depth the principles and the cultural and moral values at the basis of social coexistence. What is more, the crisis engages private actors and competent public authorities on the national, regional and inter­national level in serious reflection on both causes and solutions of a political, economic and technical nature...